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Looking for an Enduring Franchise Business ?

The only school co-curricular uniform retailer officially certified by the Ministry of Education

Financing facility for Bumiputra entrepreneurs in

selected franchise businesses can be applied from :

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Why choose OUTPOST Franchise ?



Retail Business Model

  • Does not rely solely on Walk-In Customers

  • Physical marketing and promotional activities to educational institutions, government agencies and non governmental organisations for more sales opportunities

  • Entertain bulk sales orders from  educational institutions,

  • government and not government agencies and agents with wholesale prices

  • Franchise outlets have their own online store for e-commerce transactions


You determine the outcome

and extent of sales



Product Range

  • School Co-Curricular uniform products are compulsory for all government school students

  • Not subjected to expiration dates or to changes in fashion or taste

  • Not easily available elsewhere

  • Product range diversified to encompass

    • Camping Equipment​

    • Martial Art Equipment

    • Uniform Accessories for the Police,Army, RELA, Civil Defence Dept




  • Network and collaborate with Governmental and Non-Governmental Organisations (NGO) officers in activities that lead to the betterment of society and country

  • Collaborate with school educators who will inspire future generations

  • Help keep kids engaged in school through participation in activities and events


What Our Franchisee Say?


Pn. Hanizah Bte Mansor

Perniagaan ini menjana pendapatan memandangkan saya full time dalam Perniagaan ini. Franchisor mengambil berat tentang kami dalam semua masalah dan sedaya upaya membantu dalam meningkatkan jualan.

Franchise Owner of 3 OUTPOST outlets


En. Radman B Mohamed

Seronok dan puas melihat wajah riang anak-anak sekolah datang mencari uniform dan juga rasa bangga dapat membantu guru yang bekerja keras menjayakan aktiviti kokurikulum sekolah.

Franchise Owner of 3 OUTPOST outlets



Pn. Noor Azizah Bte Sarmat

Sebagai francaisi, perkara yang saya gemari adalah ketika kami saling bekerjasama, bertoleransi dan selalu ada ruang untuk penambahbaikan dalam peningkatan strategi perniagaan bersama Outpost.

Franchise Owner of 3 OUTPOST outlets


"There are more than 4.5 million students* in national schools in Malaysia"

* Quick Facts 2018, Malaysia Educational Statistics ISSN : 1985-6407

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