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How To Join Us 

Location & Outlet Sizes

Initial Start-Up Costs

The projected upfront capital required for an OUTPOST Outlet to commence business starts

from RM230,000, encompassing the following:

  • Renovation

  • Furniture and Fittings

  • Personal Computer & Point of Sale (PoS) Systems

  • Trading Equipment

  • Initial Stocks of Goods

  • Rental and Utility Deposits

  • Pre-Opening Expenses

  • Franchise Fees

  • Working Capital


Outlet Display Area Size:

450-550 sq ft

Location and Outlet Sizes

OUTPOST outlets can be setup in shopping complexes located in all towns nationwide. We will provide an assessment of the area for your choice of selected location to determine the suitability of setting up an OUTPOST outlet.

Franchise Terms

  • Franchise Fee of RM25,000 for a five (5) year term

  • Franchise Royalty of 5% per month.

Outpost Franchise Terms
Franchise Application Form

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