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About Us

The Heart of OUTPOST

Our principal business lies in the manufacturing and retail of uniforms for co-curriculum uniformed bodies in national schools and of camping equipment required for school activities.


The Education Ministry's policies includes the compulsory participation of national school

students in school co-curriculum uniformed bodies, where participation marks account for 10% of the total marks for entry into local tertiary institutions; this continuously fuels demand for these uniforms from more than 4.5 million school students nationwide.

With the proposed abolishment of national exams for Year 6 and Form 3 students, more emphasis will be placed on the holistic education of students, including co-curricular activities in schools. 


Recognising the busy lifestyles and modern expectations of parents, OUTPOST has created a retail experience that provides solutions aimed towards their convenience, emphasising on:

● Location accessibility

● Helpful operating hours

● A pleasant ambiance

● Knowledgeable retail staff

● Swift transactions

● A complete range of stock

Together with our online Customer Relationship Module (CRM), OUTPOST members enjoy great savings and offerings through our various promotional campaigns.

Awards &

OUTPOST is the only uniform retailer that has its co-curriculum uniform officially certified correct by the

following uniform bodies:

● Ministry of Education 

● Royal Malaysian Police

● St. John Ambulance Malaysia 

● Scout Association of Malaysia

● Malaysian Civil Defence Force

● Prison Department Malaysia

Students who purchase our uniforms have a better chance at winning in competitions.

OUTPOST continues to receive annual recognition awards from various State Education Departments for its contribution and efforts to support the state co-curricular uniform activities

Product Offerings


OUTPOST diversifies its range of products to ensure that its sales performance is not solely dependent on seasonal demand for school co-curriculum uniforms, typically during the months from January to May; and as such, it offer other products under its own brand names that consist of the following:


School uniforms for national primary and secondary school students, where we cater to all sizes (up to 5XL) so that no student is left behind. Our quality and design has been a favourite among parents, and they are featured in AEON and SOGO departmental stores during the annual December Back To School campaigns.

Camping Equipment

Camping equipment under our own Deer Creek brand, which meets the needs of school for co-curricular activities. We also cater to the mass camping outdoor market consisting of beginners and families, by offering entry-level price points for more than 300 products.

Flyers Regiment Pertama Complex.jpg
Uniform & Accessories for Security Forces

Uniforms and accessories for adult members of the National Security Forces including Polis
DiRaja Malaysia, RELA, Tentera Darat Malaysia, and Jabatan Penjara Malaysia where we are
authorised to sell to these members.These personnel constantly need replacements for their
uniform accessories due to wear and tear and/or loss.They are also granted a one-time free set
of uniform upon graduating from their respective academies.

Awards & Certifications
Product Offerings

Our Star Attractions

  • We subsidise toward localised advertising and promotional costs incurred by franchise outlets (equivalent to 2% of gross sales)

  • Franchisees replenish stocks via a secure online web portal from anywhere and anytime, with real time information (including the option of auto-ordering)

  • We offer an online product and information reference portal, including a keyword search for quick and easy reference by outlet staff.

  • We offer consignment terms for selected products to give franchisees assurances to market the products

Our Star Attractions

Initial Costs of Investment to Commence Business

The initial cost of investment required to commence the business of an OUTPOST outlet starts from RM230,000 that encompass :-


Financing facility for Bumiputra entrepreneurs in

selected franchise businesses can be applied from :

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Outlet Location & Size

OUTPOST outlets can be open in shopping complexes and neighborhood malls in every town nationwide. We will provide an assessment of your selected location, to determine the suitability of opening an OUTPOST outlet.

Franchise Terms & Conditions

  • Franchise Fee of RM25,000 for a period of 5 years

  • Royalty Fee of 5% a month

Franchisee Meeting.jpeg

Why Choose Outpost



Established track record as a Franchisor since 2004, with more than 18 franchise outlets

Proper support structure from our Operations, Marketing, Information Systems, and Purchasing Departments


Access to a supportive network of other OUTPOST franchisees, through the Whatsapp group and Annual Franchise Workshops

Why Choose Outpost
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